Fantastic Vent 6350
With thermostat control, rain sensor, and seperate control unit.

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October 21, 2015
Zubehör von Frankana Freiko hilft
Wintercamping-Missgeschicke vermeiden

August 17, 2015
Gut geheizt
mit Öfen von Frankana Freiko

July 17, 2015
Mit dem Navi Vision ESX
Campingfreunde werden darauf fliegen


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November Offer

Stay safe through winter!
ASS Heating Tape 12 V/5.8 A
  • ASS = super fast defrosting
  • 70 W battery operation
  • Temperature difference 65 °C
only in November
at a discount


Hand Brush with Dustpan
Stored in flat position- small size and low weight.
Floral Catch
Glue catch against flies. Because of the color flies will clucked and stick to.
Hybrid Autarkic System
The complete MT solar system can be combined with an EFOY fuel cell.