Multimedia on your camping holiday – for excellent reception!

You don’t want to miss the next episode of your favourite series when you’re camping? Or do you want to enjoy a nice film on a rainy day? Or play an exciting online game? Snuggled up in your cosy camping cushions? Then, you should take a look at the great multimedia products we have on offer for you and your motorhome, caravan or van. Consisting of high-quality and durable technical gadgets that ensure that you have a clear picture and great audio. From the right antennas to special satellite systems and TV sets for camping to handy TV wall brackets.

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Car entertainment – fun is guaranteed!

Whether it’s a sonorous audio sound system, great infotainment or a comprehensive navigation system, it’s hard to imagine our camping vehicle without modern technology. And rightly so. It allows you to spend much more time relaxing and unwinding on holiday, watching a nice film, enjoying your favourite music or finding the right way straight away.

TVs for camping – enjoy your favourite film!

To ensure that your favourite film or the football match you want to watch doesn’t run out of steam before it’s over, we recommend a special TV set for camping. Temperature protection, voltage stability and protection against shocks are included. Depending on the space in your motorhome or van, you can choose between different screen sizes. As a rule, the TVs for camping are operated via the 12 V connection of your battery en route and can be connected to the 230 V fixed current at campsites with a power connection. In terms of design, the camping TVs leave nothing to be desired. But see for yourself.

Navigation devices – great helpers for smart campers!

The days when we searched for directions to our holiday destination in large-format maps or thick travel guides are thankfully over. Nowadays, we can enter our destinations at the touch of a button and simply look for a petrol station or an interesting sight along the way, which makes having a peaceful trip much more likely.

You can easily find out which of our technically sophisticated, high-quality navigation devices for camping is right for you or which model fits your motorhome in our product overview for camping navigation devices.

Antennas for camping – for strong signals!

With the right antenna, your satellite system can convert incoming signals particularly well, which ensures that you have a clear reception. This is very important, especially when you move around frequently. There are technically sophisticated antenna models for camping, depending on your needs, your vehicle or the intended use – for example, offset, dome, Cassegrain or flat antennas.

TV wall brackets for camping vehicles

Your electronic companions have to withstand a lot of uneven and hard camping tracks. To keep your camping TV safe, we therefore recommend special wall brackets for motorhomes, caravans and vans. This is the only way to protect your TV set from hard knocks and vibrations during the journey. There are even models with an integrated spirit level and an extender for different screen sizes. Easy installation guaranteed. And if you like to watch “overhead”, you should take a look at our tiltable TV wall brackets for the ceiling.

Satellite systems for camping

Our mobile satellite systems are designed for carefree TV enjoyment while camping. Depending on whether you are travelling with your motorhome, caravan or van, there are various models to choose from. From inexpensive satellite dish sets that can be easily adjusted by hand to convenient automatic systems.

Receivers for camping – excellent reception!

In our complete packages, the receiver is usually integrated. However, if you still need a separate receiver for free TV or radio reception or want to replace your old receiver, then our 12 V satellite receivers are just what you need. Good reception is guaranteed!